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About Us Genesys Industries

Genesys Industries is an ISO 9001 & AS9100D certified manufacturer of precision machined specialty components for industry. We are a full-service manufacturer with extensive precision product and assembly capabilities.  Our core focus is the precision manufacturing of threaded and non-threaded screw machined and fastener components. We are a standards-based manufacturer of Metric, Standard, Specialty, OEM, NSN, NAS, NASM, AN, MS, AS, BACB, LS, ST4M, GB.

We are a leading mechanical DMSMS manufacturer (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages) focused on precision machined components that are in current use, obsolete or at the end of their life cycle. We have over 126,000 unique cataloged part numbers and engineering source files coupled with over $ 7M dollars of in stock legacy parts inventory of such DMSMS components.

A strategic gap exists between new systems being introduced and aging, existing systems pushed well beyond their intended lifespan. Often, these aging systems need replacement parts and services no longer available from the initial manufacturer, affecting the mission readiness of these assets.

Genesys Industries was created to actively mitigate these DMSMS and obsolescence issues for all our customers by filling this void for manufacturing precision parts via approved standards based (AIA, ANSI, ASTM, ASME, SAE, TOC-1, NAS) manufacturing processes.


Genesys Industries
Genesys Industries
Genesys Industries